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2012 There is a new csa2svg version 2.1 with enhanced SVG and PDF Options. Support for version 1.0 is discontinued.

19.07.2009 There is a new version csa2svg. Enhanced xslt support for xsl:fo using Apache fop or other. Generate fo-files for svg2pdf transformation supporting bookmarks in pdf files.

24.06.2009 bugfix for csa2cgm, csa2svg.

04.10.2007 csa2cgm is available; converts CSA files to webcgm format.

25.11.2006 There is although a alpha version converting concept (allegro HDL entry) to webcgm.
Download coming soon.

10.08.2006 There is a new version which variable scaling factor and some bugfixes.

23.07.2006 There is a new version which supports images and different fonts.

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