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The CSA2SVG-Converter is designed to convert Concept HDL Designs to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

SVG is a language to describe two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. SVG 1.1 is a W3C Recommendation and forms the core of the current SVG developments.

General Options:

The current CSA2svg_converter version is designed to work on flattened designs at sch1 or schcref_1 ASCI drawings. Using schcref_1 drawing be aware they are available in ASCI-Format as .csa-File. If there are only binary .csb-Files you have to save them all within Concept to get .csa drawings.

You are able to convert the drawings to mono or coloured SVG-files. When selecting mono you are able to set up your default color and background color at color options.

Checking Autostart after project load will start conversion to SVG-output immediately after loading the project file.


Size Options:

On size options you can change dot, line and font sizes. This version of CSA2SVG-Converter only supports Verdana Font.


Color Options:

The tool allows you to select different colors on lines and background. On color options you are able to change the web apperance of your concept drawings.



Open Concept Project:

After setting up your conversion options, load your concept project or project-archive. Be sure your PC has valid concept installation, because Concept symbols are not saved in the Concept-Drawing-Files and must be loaded from symbol libraries. Archived projects will be loadable on any PC.



The SVG-Files are stored in the design filesystem in a subfolder called web.

Edit your SVG files:

INKSCAPE or Visio 2003 can edit SVG Files and print or transform them to other fileformats like jpg, tiff, cgm and other. The SVG-Files have grouped symbols, so you can copy, modify or delete these grouped objects.

XSLT-Forming SVG to PDF:

The additional fo file make it possible to transform your SVG pages to PDF format. There are best results with XSLFormatterV4.0 from Antenna House and FOP-0.95 from Apache. Both supports searchable fonts and bookmarks in pdf files. CSA2SVG generates several FO-files and cmd-Files for using Apache FOP. 



Viewing your SVG files:

Viewing the svg-files with your browser, you need a plugin from Adobe or Corel. With Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.0 you need no plugin.

corel.bmp svgdownload.gif

There are also other SVG viewers and editors on W3C SVG Implementations.

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